While it might be the last film of the present X-Men motion picture establishment, Dark Phoenix is additionally turning out to be indisputably the darkest section of the arrangement yet. What’s more awful, it could be something the freak superheroes will never recoup from. The accompanying contains spoilers for Dark Phoenix.

As of now in the most recent trailer for the motion picture – and cast meets that pursued – it has been uncovered that this motion picture will see the passing of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) on account of a Phoenix Force-fueled Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). As appeared in clasps from the film screened for fans at WonderCon, this occasion drives a wedge between the X-Men, prompting Beast (Nicholas Hoult) stopping the group and agreeing with Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

With the X-Men’s relational intricacy wrecked, Turner referenced a fascinating touchstone for the story’s motivation. “Something we sort of took a gander at as a kind of perspective was compulsion and how that can influence, you know, the individual who’s battling with it as well as the general population around them and the nuclear family and the companions,” she said amid a gathering meeting at WonderCon. “What’s more, that is somewhat the end result for the X-Men- – a few people, you know, they can’t deal with [Jean Grey], they don’t get her, so they relinquished her. Furthermore, others, you know, try to sort of discover the Jean that they knew before the majority of this. It’s genuine, and I figure it will reverberate with many individuals.”

Concerning will’s identity the risk attempting to keep the X-Men together, it might originate from an astounding spot. While you may anticipate Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) to be the voice of reason, it could finish up falling on Storm’s (Alexandra Shipp) shoulders. “I believe that what you’ll see with Storm is that she’s not reluctant to talk her brain and she’s truly endeavoring to keep everybody together,” the on-screen character prodded. “She’s as yet that individual who’s attempting to keep everybody together.”

On the off chance that the WonderCon film is a sign, however, any expectation of that may be lost. In one clasp, Beast and Magneto are resolved to slaughter Jean, while others in the group are persuaded she can in any case be spared. What pursues is a merciless war between freaks in New York City that sees them releasing their forces against one another.

Regardless of whether the group, and Jean herself, can be spared stays to be seen. With no reported continuation of the establishment declared, past New Mutants, this could be the last move for the X-Men as fanatics of the motion pictures know them. As chief Simon Kinberg recently clarified, he believes Dark Phoenix gives some dimension of conclusion to the establishment.

You’ll need to hold up until Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7 to see if that conclusion is a cheerful closure.